11>12 de Noviembre de 2017
Sábado 10.00h – 13.00h / 15.00 a 18.00
Domingo 10.00h a 14.00h

Precio: 50€
Inscripción: altrastedanza@gmail.com

THE POOL: Dreamwork in improvisation and real-time composition

The morning sessions consist of fascia and imagery based bodywork, which is the source of movement and dance. Protocols based on touch stimulate your inter-connective body while imagery helps you engage with your different bodies and connections between them. The afternoon sessions take this work further into collective practice of “The Pool”, a system for improvisation and real-time composition that plays with the language, logic and compositional principles based on dreaming. We play out diverse night or waking “dream scenarios” and explore diverse ways of unfolding these through space and time. By shifting between real and imaginary spaces, by paying attention to the relational between, and by considering time as malleable matter of possible pasts and potential futures coexisting in the now, we communally sculpt a landscape of events through dreaming in movement.

Dreamwork is based on Saphire™. Saphire™ is a registered trademark of Catherine Shainberg and her School of Images.
Mala Kline (SI/BE) is a performer, choreographer and writer. Her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the practice of dreaming. In her author-based choreographic work she uses Saphire™ to facilitate individual and communal dreaming to create unique singular worlds weaved from and generated through the language of our dreaming. She is also a certified practitioner and teacher of Saphire™ dream and imagery work. She has private practice and teaches Saphire™ internationally, in diverse educational, research and production settings. She holds MA in theatre and PhD in philosophy. Her book The Inoperative Theatres: Contemporary Performing Arts Between Ethics and Politics is coming out in 2018. Currently she is doing her post-doctoral research on the alternative concepts and uses of time at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (UG) and within S:PAM research centre in Gent and developing SONGS, trilogy exploring the potentiality of language to expand our perception and transform our relation with the world around us.



Departamento de Cultura y Política Lingüística del Gobierno Vasco

Ampa Pas De Basque
Conservatorio Municipal de Danza José Uruñuela
TAE, Taller de Artes Escénicas de Vitoria-Gasteiz
Kolectivo Monstrenko
Espacio Sinkro