PRESENT BODY / workshop
quiet dance / nature / live music

Improvisation and composition in real time for dancers, actors, performers and musicians.

We work both inside and outside, going out to nature to awaken our senses.
We will place special emphasis on the presence and awareness of the moment, the musicians and dancers sharing the practice of composition in real time, the foundations of this work being the same for both.

Live music and creative exploration through improvisation dynamics and composition in real time are the elements on which our work is based. Work that will be active with special emphasis on awareness and presence of the moment. We are with a present body that vanishes.

Through the body and the movement we will work listening and the specific needs of oneself to be able to initiate a communication from the physical physicality. The awareness of the body itself, the search for new forms of expression, the effectiveness of movement with less physical effort and muscular tension, contact with nature,