— Coel

Zuriñe Benavente, voice
Ignacio Monterrubio
, piano

Sira Coel is a musical project led by the voice of Zuriñe Benavente accompanied on piano by Ignacio Monterrubio. They start from a personal style that is born from the rupture of the rhythmic, melodic or formal structures of music with influences from pop, jazz, folk or experimental music. With their own songs and personal versions they manage to connect with an audience eager to enjoy listening.

✴︎ I don’t know how to explain to you how I came out after listening to you, I came out with my soul full of flowers, it was a wonderful thing, I needed that concert by Sira Coel and it came at the best moment. Congratulations for this work that is very worthwhile.

—Merche Guillen, el último apuntador(Radio Euskadi)


Zuriñe Benavente
Ignacio Monterrubio

Fotography: Jesús Robisco

Management: Marta guzmán

Production: Altraste Danza

Sala Monstrenka
Garaion Sorgingunea
Conservatorio de Danza José Uruñuela

Departamento de Cultura y Política Linguística del Gobierno Vasco

«The walker changes course even if it causes him damage»

— Zuriñe Benavente

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