CAGE / Katie Duck
Presented on July 5, 2019 at the Artium Museum of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Katie Duck, Direction and performer
Zuriñe Benavente, performer
Ignacio Monterrubio, sound

Cage / Cage, investigates how the mind is limited by our lack of social ability to release emotions and how they are a key component of our emotional intelligence and how we accept and respond every day to the changing human nature.
  Cage speaks from the curiosity of a female mind without generating a male / female division. And how language has frozen society within a delusional concept of equal rights and economic security. This could change, but only if we allow ourselves to follow the emotions and give them a space instead of burying them under an intellectual discourse.

NO BLAME/ Mark Tompkins
Presented at the Monstrenkas Conference of Vitoria Gasteiz on December 27, 2018

Mark Tompkins
Zuriñe Benavente
Ignacio Monterrubio

That moment when belief is suspended and anything can happen. And you are totally involved and you are watching. It’s like a movie and you’re playing your own role in front of your own eyes. The story unfolds in real time and you are the main character. And at the same time it’s not you because you’re watching yourself act. The action is in sync with the testimony of the action. There is no more question of choice in the sense that you are chosen.

ANY TABLE ANY ROOM / Jonathan Burrows y Matteo Fargion

Presented at the Festival inTACTO (Artium-Vitoria), on November 23, 2018

Performance by Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion
  with Blanca Arrieta, Miguel Ángel Pérez Ávila, Zuriñe Benavente and Hannah Frances Whelan. A celebration of collective energy, exchange and generosity of dancers. Using 72 clay objects created by the performers, community singing and pedal notes on mobile phones, everything becomes an exploration of the pleasures and demands of being and working together.

Premiered on November 18, 2018 at the Bernaola Festival in Vitoria

Mónica Valenciano / Direction
Idoia Zabaleta
Txubio Fernández de Jáuregui
Jorge Rúa
Zuriñe Benavente
Ignacio Monterrubio

I dance … as one who escapes in the body, deobstaculising, opening new possible circuits that allow me to access his voice .. the voice of the body hidden in the body that dances, I move to meet its acoustic possibilities, through the breathing of the movement, the deployable, polyphonic body, dilating the contact between the skin and the space, I attend the discovery of textures, tones, qualities … that emerge in a process of development from everyday practice to happen in the listening of the body, as an instrument musical, or … place of resonances.
EndPlay: An Observatory / Lisa Nelson
Premiered on December 3, 2016 in Tabakalera, Donostia. Organize AZALA.

Lisa Nelson / Direction
Luciana Chieregati / Ibon Salbador / Isaak Erdoiza / Idurre Azkue / Ion Munduate / Amaia Navascues / Ainara Gurrutxaga / Zuriñe Benavente / María Muñoz

In EndPlay: An Observatory we witness together the birth of a dance from a single action, the intoxication of the body with the imagination, the dance of the consequences, a theater of opinion, the ephemeral union of attention and intentions that illuminates the circumstances of the body.
  With the presentation of EndPlay: An Observatory closes Tuning Scores: composition, communication and sense of imagination, training-creation project led by the American choreographer Lisa Nelson. The project consists of a workshop (Azala, from November 21 to 25) and a laboratory (Tabakalera, from November 28 to December 3), in which nine invited creators participate