Cie Altraste is the company directed by Zuriñe Benavente and Ignacio Monterrubio that stands out for the fusion of music, dance and theatre in their shows. With this multidisciplinary fusion they achieve a unique and characteristic language to communicate with an audience eager for new sensations and sensibilities.

Going one step further in their career, their last two productions show us cheekiness, carefree and chaos, in the case of “Nancy en Vietnam” and/or sensitivity, beauty and wellbeing, in the case of “Mientras llueva”.

They also direct and coordinate the International Dance and Movement Festival DANZÁLAVA, based at the ARTIUM Museum in Vitoria Gasteiz, which invited artists such as Meg Stuart, Mark Tompkins, Katie Duck, Vera Mantero, Mónica Valenciano, María Muñoz, Julyen Hamilton, Florence Augendre, Jeremy Wade, Mala Kline, Oscar Gómez Mata, Philipp Gehmacher, Iñaki Azpillaga, Thomas Hauert and Marta Izquierdo, among others, to Vitoria. 

Zuriñe Benavente

Zuriñe Benavente was awarded the 2020 Critics’ Prize of Catalonia for the best female performer and she won the AJEBASK 2021 award for cultural entrepreneurship in Álava, Basque Country.

She is the artistic director of the Altraste Company and the Danzálava International Festival since its foundation in 2017.

In her career she has collaborated with different artists such as Mark Tompkins, Katie Duck, Julyen Hamilton, Jeremy Wade and Florence Augendre. She performed in the piece Any table any room by Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion; She collaborated with the violist Garth Knox in the piece The world in which we believe; she took part in the project Tuning scoreswith the choreographer Lisa Nelson and in the piece Goldberg Variations-Variations by the MalPelo Company.


Ignacio Monterrubio

He works in the field of sound art and new technologies developing contemporary musical projects. At present, he focuses on improvisation and musical composition exploring the different combinations between sound art and other artistic disciplines such as dance, painting or video, which he combines with commissions in the field of sound diffusion of accusmatic works. , the musical assistance in mixed electronic concerts and the programming of sound art and dance events. His works have been premiered and performed at different festivals such as the International Electroacoustic Music Festival of Madrid and Valencia «Meeting Point», Musikaste de Errenteria Festival, «Nuit De La Creátion» de Bordeaux (France), cycle «New Trends in the Contemporary Music »/ Vitoria Visual Territory Festival of Vitoria, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music« Ai-Maako »of Chile, International Festival of Video, Art and Electronics« VAE10 »of Lima (Peru), in the« 14 World Congress of Saxophone »of Ljubljana (Slovenia), in the seventh International acclaim and multimedia Festival of Lanús (Buenos Aires, Argentina),« Encontres Internacional de Compositors »of Mallorca and« Concerts Phonos-Metronom Foundation »of Barcelona, ​​Sinkro and Bernaola Festival of Vitoria -Gasteiz, among others. His work in improvisation and dance has led him to participate in proposals with Daniel Abreu, Damián Muñoz, Virginia García, Julyen Hamilton and Zuriñe Benavente. It is part of the collective of artists and creators of Vitoria-Gasteiz Espacio Sinkro, de la Cía. Altraste dance, from the experimental music group “Sirius” and from the independent music project “Sira Coel”. Since its foundation he is co-director of the DanZálava project of training and support for dance professionals in Euskadi.