SONGLINES is an improvisation project. It is a series of performative events that share the same format but differ in the cast, length, location and engagement of spectators. Similar to aboriginal songlines that map the dreaming of a specific landscape and embody it as a dance, song or painting, SONGLINES as real time compositions map the dreaming present in the performative encounter. They are created through the dialogue with the visible and the invisible elements of the landscape of the event, including the performers, the space, its context and its forms, and the audience. Dance, music and light are composed on the base of the «diagram of tree of life» and 22 principles of creation. SONGLINES open up contemplative spaces of pure emotion and abstract feeling, spaces where time slows down, where sensibility and receptivity of the audience is heightened and a different quality of feeling and being (together) can be experienced.

Concept and set-up
Mala Kline

Composition and performance
Laida Aldaz
Zuriñe Benavente
Isaak Erdoiza
Koldo Arostegui
Mala Kline
Nelson Martinez

David Alcorta

Ignacio Monterrubio
Guillermo Lauzurica

Danzalava,Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo de Vitoria-Gasteiz ARTIUM, BERNAOLA FESTIVAL,Espacio Sinkro, Mercedes Klein.

Pekinpah Association, Ministry of Culture Slovenia, City of Ljubljana.

Presentación pública del trabajo del Laboratorio dentro del Festival Bernaola de Vitoria-Gasteiz en colaboración con ESPACIO SINKRO.

17 de Noviembre de 2017
Entrada gratuita
LUGAR: ARTIUM, Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo de Vitoria-Gasteiz.

PHOTO: @ Matija Lukic