qué tienen las flores / dance, piano and voice



Qué tienen las flores is a short piece of dance and live music performed by Zuriñe Benavente and Ignacio Monterrubio, members of the Altraste Danza de Vitoria-Gasteiz collective, a group that works on creative processes where sound and movement act as the backbone Of action.

In it they reflect on femininity and its limits in an intimate and close situation with the public where the scenery, text, dance and music merge to create an atmosphere that captures our presence.

“I live alone. I have no one in this world.
I thank you for coming to see me »

The piece maintains a very intimate, special and magical relationship with the public. Create an environment in which all viewers feel immersed, with a “real” connection to what is happening, leaving a message about femininity resonating in their eyes.


altraste danza

Zuriñe Benavente, dance and voice
Ignacio Monterrubio, music


In collaboration with:
Baratza Aretoa
Garaion Sorgingunea
Conservatorio de Danza José Uruñuela

It obtained the help of the 2017 Choreographic Creation of the Basque Government


Premier: 30/09/18 at the Museo Artium, Vitoria/Gasteiz

8/6/19 KALDEARTE Vitoria-Gasteiz

9/6/19 KALDEARTE Vitoria-Gasteiz

19/06/19 ARETXABALETA (Gipuzkoa)

26/07/19 SAJAZARRA (La Rioja)

26/10/19 IGORRE (Bizkaia)


Photos: Jesús Robisco
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